About Us

Cytophenix is transforming infection management with rapid antimicrobial susceptibility tests, providing swift, accurate results to identify effective antibiotics for each patient. This enhances treatment and combats antimicrobial resistance. Formed by expert researchers, clinicians, and engineers, Cytophenix aims to shorten treatment recommendation times, improve outcomes, and save lives by ensuring patients receive the right treatment at the right time, everytime.

Our People


Mike Clark
AI, startups

Mr. Michael Clark is an accomplished software engineer with a specialisation in applying artificial intelligence to biomedical diagnostics data. As a Non-Executive Director at Cytophenix, he ensures that the company’s research and development activities are aligned with commercial objectives and market entry strategies. His expertise in machine learning and data analysis plays a pivotal role in guiding strategic decisions and enhancing the company’s technological offerings.

Russel Nicholls
NED – Board Chair
Medtech, startups

Mr. Russell Nicholls is an experienced board professional with extensive executive and advisory expertise in innovative companies and non-profit organisations, particularly in the biomedical and agri-food tech sectors. His broad knowledge encompasses research and development management, strategy, finance, legal aspects, and governance. As the Non-Executive Chair of Cytophenix, he plays a crucial role in establishing governance structures and aligning the company’s strategy with robust financial frameworks, driving significant impact and fostering a strong organisational culture.

Richard Hopkins
AI, startups

Dr. Richard Hopkins is an accomplished bio-pharmaceutical executive with extensive experience in corporate leadership, drug development, and commercialization within the biotechnology sector. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Hopkins has successfully raised over $40 million AUD in financing and has a proven track record in the development of novel therapies, particularly in oncology and medicinal cannabis. As a Non-Executive Director at Cytophenix, his strategic insights and deep industry knowledge guide the company towards successful market positioning and commercial viability.

Core operations

Kieran Mulroney
Innovation, strategy, inventor

Dr. Kieran Mulroney is an esteemed leader in the field of microbiology diagnostics with a proven track record in the development, validation, and commercialization of innovative diagnostic tools. With a career foundation in research, particularly focused on personalised precision diagnostics for serious infections, Dr. Mulroney has transitioned his expertise into a strategic and commercial leadership role as the CEO of Cytophenix. His work encompasses managing large-scale, multidisciplinary projects and driving forward the development of new technologies in the medtech sector.

Christine Carson
Microbiology, regulatory

Dr. Christine Carson is a seasoned microbiologist and influential researcher with an extensive background in developing novel diagnostic tools, particularly focusing on antimicrobial susceptibility testing. As the Chief Scientific Officer at Cytophenix, Dr. Carson integrates her deep scientific expertise with strategic business acumen to enhance diagnostic practices and contribute to global health solutions, particularly in the realms of sepsis and bacteraemia.

Sherief Khorshid
AI, software, SAMD

Mr. Sherief Khorshid is an accomplished technology leader, blending a strong fintech background with deep expertise in AI and MedTech. As the CTO of Cytophenix Pty Ltd, he spearheads the development of AI-driven medical technologies, enhancing diagnostic precision and patient care. His strategic vision and innovation have been pivotal in integrating cutting-edge AI solutions into healthcare operations, propelling both technological advancement and commercial success in the medical sector.

Teagan Paton
Laboratory operations
Workflow, implementation

Teagan is a seasoned microbiologist with nearly two decades of experience in diagnostics and research. As the Laboratory Operations Manager at Cytophenix, Teagan specialises in laboratory test integration and enhancing workflow efficiency through advanced data handling techniques. Proficient in big data analysis, data mining, and database management, Teagan plays a pivotal role in the commercialization of innovative medical diagnostics technologies.

Nick Thomson

Data science

AI, neural networks

With a BSc in Pure Mathematics from UWA and 12 years commercial experience in Analytics, Machine Learning and programming in C++ and Python Nick has delivered solutions where he applied computer vision AI in the field of exploration geophysics.

Nick is also a highly regarded member of PMLG ( Perth Machine Learning Group)

Clinical and technical advisory

Tim Inglis
Clinical advisor
Inventor, clinical, defence

Associate Professor Timothy Inglis is a distinguished medical microbiologist and a leading expert in the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. With a career spanning over two decades, he has been at the forefront of developing molecular diagnostic methods and has played a pivotal role in translating these innovations into clinical practice. As Medical Advisor at Cytophenix Pty Ltd, he leverages his extensive expertise to guide the development and implementation of advanced diagnostic technologies, including the FAST method.

Commercial advisory

James Telders
Strategic advisor
Investor relations, M&A

Mr. James Telders is a seasoned Chartered Financial Analyst with a profound understanding of financial markets and commercial strategy. Specialising in mergers, acquisitions, and commercialization of technological innovations, Mr. Telders has significantly contributed to the successful validation and commercial launch of several software as a medical device (SAMD) products across international markets. At Cytophenix, he ensures that the research and development efforts align with robust commercial strategies and market needs.